We´re Ready !

So born a new organization!

Usually, while browsing through the Internet, an organization web site presents itself using style sentences such as: "We are the best..."; "We don´t have politics..."; "We organize big and beautiful activities..."; "We are the answer for Shotokan Karate"; etc, etc.

Our main view of presenting a new organization is to look at what it did in the past and what made it happen.

In brief:

During several years, many of our instructors have represented in their countries to the biggest and most respected Japanese Organizations, promoting and organizing courses under the supervision of: Okazaki Sensei, Yaguchi Sensei, Enoeda Sensei; Abe Sensei; Ueki Sensei; Kasuya Sensei; Yahara Sensei; Osaka Sensei; Aoki Sensei; Otha Sensei;...

- All the Budoka sympathizers knows that it’s easier and cheaper to organize group activities.

- So, we gathered a group of professional instructors who don´t need the protagonist, nor the money coming from the organization, but that want to work in an environment of Respect, Confidence and Honesty.

- So International Shotokan Karate Academy was born.
In fact, we're just another organization in an universe of thousands of others... yet, we only welcome people into our midst to whom the spirit and will to participate focus around us as “ ... a single team ...”.

- Our Technical Council is composed by people “labelled” by other organizations as the “owners of the truth”:

- Instructors that have been training Karate in Japan;...

- World and European Champions of Intl. SKA; WK...

Despite all of this and, most importantly, is that our will and interest in learning keeps us organizing international courses leaded by Japanese Senior Instructors. Their knowledge is of the utmost importance in order to improve our own skills and understanding of Shotokan Karate, so that the true legacy can be passed on to our students, the true image of our organization.

Every member of International Shotokan Karate Academy owns his/hers "passport" where all the curriculum of its owner, whereas Kyu, Dan, Instructor, Examination, Judge or Filiation Certificates, is recorded

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