What is ISKA

What is International Shotokan Karate Academy?

International Shotokan Karate Academy

The International Shotokan Karate Academy is a big Dojo International of Karate Shotokan and it was created in the year 2000, after several professionals of  Karate meet to exchange ideas, experiences and several restlessness and necessities.
After these reiterated meetings  reaches the conclusion that it was necessary, for the good operation and mainly for the future of the Traditional Karate, to create an Organization that not alone pursues the idea of Karate with a sport facet. It is is an Academy to advise the instructors with didactic material and to offer a technical support so that they can transmit in a clear and correct way the line of the Shotokan traditional, and from the Honbu Dojo support to all the Dojos, Associations, Federations or groups that show interest so that its can create in its respective countries a delegation of this International Academy. This way they will take a unified technical line that will be supervised under the technical department of the Honbu Dojo of International Shotokan Karate Academy
This is the way the International Shotokan Karate Academy is working as a technical department to these organizations members with the purpose of unifying the technical approaches, the evaluation and recognition of instructor and this way to send certificates of grades in common. 
So, in January 18, 2000, it is registered officially in the office (OPM) in Spain the International Shotokan Karate Academy like a big Dojo International of Karate.
Denomination, social object and work
1. The international association is denominated International Shotokan Karate Academy (International-SKA) It has as the main objective the progress of its members in the study of the art of the Karate-do, preserving the spirit and the traditional origin of the BUDO.
2. The International-SKA carried out all the efforts to contain big number possible of countries interested in the Art of the Karate-do Shotokan created by Shihan Gichin Funakoshi and developed by Shihan Masatoshi Nakayama, always beside the ideals of the Dojo Kun and of the Shoto Niju Kun.
3. The International-SKA will carry out exams of grades of DAN and it will send certificates from Honbu Dojo.
4. The International-SKA will continue fomenting the competition of Karate-do in a line of coherent performance with the traditional norms of the Karate-do Shotokan.
5. The International-SKA will structure a rank of instructors for the realization of exams.
ISKA, headquarters and operation system.
1. The International-SKA has as headquarters the Honbu Dojo that it is in Spain (C/ Horacio Fernández Inguanzo Nº5 - 33210 Gijón -Principado de Asturias) and it is directed technically by Sensei Rubén Cernuda 8º DAN Technical Director of International-SKA.
2. For Integration in International-SKA of a Federation, Association, or Club, is necesary the absence of contradictory elements about the image and trajectory of their responsible.
3. So that the International-SKA admits an organization member,  it will commit and to admit that the objective that it pursues are the same that those manifested by the International-SKA.
4. The directive section of the International-SKA this established in the following way:

President: Juan A. Gonzalez Álvarez
 Chief Instructor: Sensei Rubén Cernuda
Chairman: Ana Maria Henao Vargas